Please understand that the ASCA formed the CNSCA in an attempt to bring all Canadian sporting and FITASC shooters under one umbrella, shooting in their own association as do Americans under the NSCA, the English under the CPSA, Australians under the ACTA, etc. The ASCA is not suggesting that Canadian clubs and/or shooters have to join the CNSCA, however it provides the opportunity for those to belong to a federal organization benefiting all.

At present the ASCA owns the CNSCA name and rights, which also holds the license to hold FITASC shoots in Canada.A little aside from that we have been awarded, by FITASC headquarters in Paris, the privilege to hold the 2012 Americas (North and South) FITASC Championship. We are presently checking out options for a suitable location for it. Right now we are looking at two possibilities; the Canmore area and Mill Valley Estates, 40 minutes N.E. of the Oshawa Skeet and Gun Club.

Because of the CNSCA we can now enter international shoots as Canadians. As a result there are twelve CNSCA members traveling to New Zealand in late January to shoot in the 2011 World English Sporting Clays Championship with five of those forming Team Canada. All will be in matching vests and polo shirts with CANADA embroidered across the back. The ASCA will remain to represent the Alberta shooters, and we are encouraging all the other provinces to maintain or organize their own provincial organizations.

This for several reasons like provincial funding, provincial championships, etc. Regarding the yearly calendar book that the ASCA has been producing it will come out under CNSCA heading but remain the same or similar in format and is open to input from across Canada (however timing this year will be a problem getting much in).

The CNSCA is organized, registered and operating, however there is much work yet to be done. The first CNSCA Nationals were held at Silver Willow Sporting Clays Sept.3-5. Next year the Nationals will be held at the Galt Sportsman Club near Cambridge, Ontario. Hope this answers some of the questions we’ve been asked. Any help you can be furthering the efforts of the CNSCA will be appreciated.

Doug Harvey