The CNSCA was formed in an attempt to bring all Canadian sporting and FITASC shooters under one umbrella, shooting in their own association as do Americans under the NSCA, the English under the CPSA, Australians under the ACTA, etc. Having our own national association provides the opportunity for those to belong to a federal organization benefiting all.

The CNSCA holds the license to hold FITASC shoots in Canada.

Because of the CNSCA we can now enter international shoots as Canadians.

The CNSCA encourages all the other provinces to maintain or organize their own provincial organizations. Each Provincial Association will be responsible for the awarding and scheduling of Provincial Championship tournaments. If there is no Provincial Association, the CNSCA Director representing that province will act on behalf of the clubs and shooters of that province to award and schedule their Provincial Championship. If there is no CNSCA Director representing the province a CNSCA delegate will be appointed to act on behalf of the province to determine a suitable time and place for a Provincial Championship.

CNSCA revenues collected from target fees and membership fees are shared with the Provincial Association from which the revenues are derived. Provincial Associations are also encouraged to pursue provincial grants which are not available to a national organization.