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CNSCA National Championships

Station Sponsors Needed!

The Canadian National Sporting Clay Championships being held in Grande Prairie over the Labour Day weekend will be 4 days of spectacular shooting opportunities and a chance to compete against the best in your class in the country.

Station Sponsor signs are available for $300 and will be a 2 foot x 2 foot sign in colour and can contain any words or graphics of your choice (within reason).

If you would like to - or if you can - your contribution through station sponsorship would be greatly appreciated and will help make this championship one for the record books.

Let everyone know you / your company supports the CNSCA by sponsoring a station!

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Recent events have caused the Board of Directors to review the rule pertaining to Concurrent class awards.

Until now, "Section 1 - D - Concurrent Classes" stated that:

"A shooter winning an award in class will be eliminated from winning an award in a concurrent class".

This rule has changed and now reads:

Section 1 - D - Concurrent Classes
Ladies, Juniors and Sub-Juniors shall be eligible to win awards in all Classes and Special Classes in which they qualify.
Veterans and Super-Vets (other than Lady Vets or Lady Super Vets) winning an award in Class shall be eliminated from winning awards in concurrent events.

This rule change was discussed, voted on and passed by a majority of Directors on May 5, 2014. This rule change takes effect immediately.

Kind regards,
Bill Campbell
CNSCA Secretary

For a number of years now my brother Doug Harvey has been telling me what a wonderful place the Wapiti ShootingClub was to shoot Sporting Clays. Now you must realize Doug has shot clays in seven provinces, twelve states and sixcountries so can comment with authority on what is world class and what is not. From his many reports to me of how thissite has become one of his favourite places to shoot I should have been prepared for what I experienced at the 2013 WapitiCabin Fever and Harvey Cup shoot this past weekend. As it turned out it was a classic example of the common saying “SEEING IS BELIEVING”.


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