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The Canadian National Sporting Clays Association

The purpose of the CNSCA is to bring all Canadian sporting clays shooters under one umbrella, shooting in their own association as do Americans under the NSCA, the English under the CPSA, Australians under the ACTA, etc. The CNSCA is not suggesting that Canadian clubs and/or shooters have to join the CNSCA, however it provides the opportunity for those to belong to a federal organization benefiting all.

The CNSCA holds the ICTSF license for Canada.

Because of the CNSCA we can now enter international shoots as Canadians. The CNSCA encourages all the other provinces to maintain or organize their own provincial organizations for several reasons, like provincial funding, provincial championships, etc.

Affiliates of the CNSCA share common goals of furthering the sport within their regional scopes and working to benefit their provincial members.


Half of all shooter membership dues and target fees from registered events are sent downstream to the provincial affiliates. It is the hope of the CNSCA that this will help the provincial associations position themselves to further the sport and benefit the members specifically in their province.

The CNSCA is proud to list the BCSCA (BC), the ASCA (AB), the MSCA (MB) and the FQTIR (QB) as provincial affiliates.