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About Leaderboard

The CNSCA Leaderboard is a FREE online scoreboard for any clay shooting event – and not JUST for clubs!

The menu items at the top of this website for the Leaderboard and the Events Calendar are connected.
Any Shoot listed in the Events Calendar will have an active Leaderboard available for use on the days of the Shoot.

Access to the Leaderboard on the website is completely free and anyone with Internet access can view real time Shoot results as well as accessing past Leaderboard results from the Events Calendar.

The controls to manage a Leaderboard are VERY simple. There are only two buttons:

1) Click Add Event – Name and how many targets
2) Click Add Shooter – Add your own Hunter class shooter or select from the CNSCA membership
3) Edit a Shooter to manually enter scores

There is even an Award Calculator that will let you award prizing by either Lewis Class or by CNSCA registered classes to individual events or any combination of events at the Shoot.

If you would like more information on how you can start using the CNSCA Leaderboard, contact