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Message From The President

More enhancements to Leaderboard!
1. Shooters can now select the shoot they are interested in from the CNSCA calendar, review the details of the shoot, and register for the shoot directly with the club.
When loading a new shoot, scoring administrators can now input a contact email for shooters to register directly with the club.
CNSCA used to collect those registrations and then have to monitor them and then send them to the club. Now the club gets the contact info immediately and can liaise directly with the shooter. Faster and more efficient.
2. Shooter head count is now located at the top of the shooter list. No need to scroll down to see how many are registered.
3. If a club has more than one different event on the same day, they can now enter more than one. This is handy where some events are combined where you want to account for the scores separately.
For example, the Western Regionals were combined with the Grand Prix, and Courtenay is hosting the BCSCA Provincials and the Vancouver Island League Championship the same weekend. Instead of trying to load all the different combinations of events on one Leaderboard screen, they can now be separated into separate events by loading separate shoots for easier review and award calculations.
We’re not done yet. We’re continuing to make Leaderboard more user friendly and effective. We’d love to see more clubs using this as their “go to” site for registration and score keeping whether the shoot is a registered shoot or simply a club league shoot.


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