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AGM results and new CNSCA Board

By William Campbell on June 8, 2017 | News

The AGM was held in Golden BC on May 20, 2017. The new Board of Directors was voted in with a mix of new faces and old faces.

Stepping down from the Board: Kristy Richardson, Vic Thomas and Graham Perry.

The first Board Meeting was held yesterday in which the Executive positions were voted on. Here are your 2017-2018 Board of Directors:

President (and Manitoba rep) – Scott Masniuk
Vice-President (and BCSCA Rep) – Ron Nemecek
Secretary – Steve Clough
Treasurer – Ann Neill
Communications – Bill Campbell
Statistician – Jason de Jong
Web Master – Peter Callaghan
Quebec Rep – Pierre Dubois
Sask Rep – Joe Schemenauer
Alberta Rep – Steve Brewster
ASCA Rep – Troy Fitt
BC Rep – Andrew Minthorn

At the AGM, there were two new items that were tabled.

1) Proposed change to the way in which averages are to be calculated
2) Request to review current rule on prizing as it pertains to Concurrent classes

Item 1) Proposed change to the way in which averages are calculated Currently, your average is based on Total_Hits / Total_Attempted_Targets from your current year. At the beginning of each calendar year, your Total_Attempted_Targets are reset to 0. As a shooter shoots more targets through the year, each event has less and less impact on their average; regardless of their improvement. For a shooter that shoots a lot, there is negligible change in their average at the end of the year whereas at the beginning of the year, their average will change more drastically. And for the shooter that only shoots once or twice per year, their average fluctuates after every event. It was proposed that the average should be calculated as a rolling average based on the shooters last 6 events. The desired result is that every shoot should have equal weight on the shooter’s average and shooters that shoot a lot or a little will have a more even fluctuation in their averages. At the AGM it was decided that this proposal would be brought before the membership for a general vote. The exact means by which that takes place has yet to be determined but all shooters will be given the opportunity to vote for or against this proposal. More news on this will be sent out in the coming year.

Item 2) Request to review current rule on prizing as it pertains to Concurrent classes Prior to 2014, anyone winning in their class would be excluded from winning any concurrent prize. The rule was changed in 2014 so that women and Juniors would be entitled to win ANY AND ALL class or concurrent prize they qualified for. Men continued to be excluded from Concurrent prizing if they won in class. This will be discussed at a future Board of Directors meeting.

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