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Where does your CNSCA money go?

By William Campbell on March 16, 2017 | President Blog

Did you know that half of all revenue from memberships and target fees that the CNSCA collects goes directly back to the Provincial association? We call this “downstream funding”.

This money is then used by the Provincial Association to fund things such as junior shooter subsidy, Provincial Championship trophies, training, and other initiatives that the Provincial Association believes will directly benefit the shooters in their province.

The CNSCA also sends ALL revenue from target fees at Provincial Championships downstream.

The half that the CNSCA keeps goes towards providing medals for EVERY registered shoot, for website upkeep and maintenance, for production of the Annual Shoot Book, and for annual renewal of the FITASC and ICTSF license for Canada.

The CNSCA also makes a contribution to the prize pool of major events such as National and Regional Championships.

The CNSCA is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote the sport of Sporting Clays in Canada for Canadians. The intent is that all revenue is used for the benefit of the Canadian shooters.  It is made up of volunteer members that give their time and in a lot of cases their personal resources to see the CNSCA continue to grow.

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