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NEW ! CNSCA 5-Stand Rules !

By William Campbell on January 13, 2022 | News

In an effort to standardize the format and ensure fair competition in the 5-Stand discipline, the CNSCA has formalized 5-Stand rules which now appear as section XII in the CNSCA Rules.

The CNSCA 5-Stand rules mimic but are less rigid to NSCA rules in every respect except the following (which are not in the NSCA rules):

• Initial squad placement must be random
• shooting order always starts with the shooter in Stand 1
• no duplicate presentations across menu cards
• at least 1 single and 1 pair must be shot in each set of 5 targets attempted at each stand

Did you know that you can carry a copy of the CNSCA rules by downloading the CNSCA mobile Leaderboard app!

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