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The Leaderboard mobile app is now ready – the project is now complete

By William Campbell on October 25, 2021 | News, President Blog

Congratulations! *YOUR*  CNSCA Leaderboard mobile app is now available for FREE in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!


The CNSCA website has links to the apps under the Leaderboard as well as HOW-TO videos.


Here is a link for Android devices:


Here is a link for Apple devices:


The CNSCA Leaderboard is a free, live, online clay shooting tournament scoreboard that is connected to the CNSCA calendar on the CNSCA website and has been in operation throughout 2021.


Every club has the ability to easily set up and operate a Leaderboard for any Shoot they have listed in the CNSCA calendar for FREE.


The mobile app is not required to use the Leaderboard. Clubs can manually enter or overwrite any score on the Leaderboard; so paper scorecards can always be used.


The mobile app provides CNSCA members an optional means to enter Leaderboard scores for their squad at both registered and unregistered Shoots.


Both the website Leaderboard and the Leaderboard mobile app were developed by the CNSCA for the CNSCA membership, for clubs, and for shooters and spectators in general across Canada. Did we mention it’s completely bilingual?


  • Anyone can download the app
  • Only CNSCA members can access the app by logging in with their CNSCA Shooter Number
  • Only active CNSCA members can access the app’s Scorekeeper function (allowing Mobile Field Scoring)


The mobile app belongs exclusively to the CNSCA membership and we hope you will take pride in downloading it and trying it out on the test Shoot “App Contest” which will be left running for shooters to try the app.


There will be more news coming about the contest itself but for now, try out the app on this shoot. Create a squad and enter some scores!


Contact if you would like to activate or create a CNSCA account to take part!

Contact if you have any questions about the CNSCA Leaderboard





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