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Your Membership Dues – where the money goes

By William Campbell on February 15, 2018 | News

In case you ever wondered, half of all your membership dues are sent to the provincial sporting clay association of your home province.

The CNSCA just mailed out over $3000 in membership dues to various provincial associations.

The provincial associations can then make sure that your membership dues are spent on initiatives that promote the sport in your province.

For example, the Alberta Sporting Clays Association subsidizes juniors at registered events. The Provincial Associations also will coordinate special provincial prizing at the Provincial Championships.

Keep in mind that if we don’t know your address – or at least your home province, your membership dues will not get sent to your home province’s association. Log in to the CNSCA website using your shooter number and make sure your profile has your most current address. Alternatively you can just fill in a member update form on the website as well.

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